AV Referendum Update

My strong sense from talking to people over the last few weeks is that the 'No to AV' campaign is gaining momentum here in Bexley. So many people have told me that they are content with our current 'first past the post' system and at a time of financial crisis, now is not the time to be tinkering around with how we vote.

There is a strange irony that a voting system which effectively prioritises second choices is even the second choice for those in favour of proportional representation. AV isn't PR and has been described as a 'tawdry little compromise' by some who favour a fully proportional system. So by voting yes we get a system which no-one really wants. And that sums up AV quite well. It is most likely to create governments of fudge and uncertainty. Where you vote for one thing and are almost certainly guaranteed to get something else.

Whilst the local mood is certainly positive, the No Campaign won't be easing off in the last few days of campaigning. At a time when 'AV' is more likely to stand for 'apathy vote' than anything else, turnout will be key. It's essential that if you want to keep our current system of voting for MPs you need to go out and exercise your vote on 5 May and put your cross in the 'No' box on Thursday.