A2 Disruption

The current information I have on the current closure of the A2 and the disruption this is causing through Bexley is as follows:

At about 6am this morning a fatal road traffic collision occurred on the A2 in the Falconwood area. It is believed this has involved a motor cyclist and a coach. The emergency services were soon on scene and the road was immediately closed. The emergency services are still on scene dealing with the incident.

As a result the A2 is closed and likely to remain closed till the earliest midday. The closure is London Bound but on occasions the Kent bound has been closed as well to allow recovery access. At this current time the traffic is diverted off at the Black Prince and is tailing back beyond the Dartford interchange. The knock on affect for the borough is that local roads have become heavily congested. The Highway Area teams have been managing and monitoring the situation since the closure. However it is likely that for most of the day residents and business will be faced with busy local roads and longer journeys. TFL are advising drivers to seek alternative routes and expect long delays.