Crime falls to 33 year low

James Brokenshire has welcomed news that crime has fallen to the lowest level in 33 years.

James joins the fight against cancer

James Brokenshire recently met with Susan Davenport, a dedicated cancer campaigner from Sidcup to highlight Cancer Research UK’s ambition to improve detection and survival rates and help more people survive this destructive disease.

Celebrating the work of our local police

James Brokenshire has praised the work of local police officers in keeping Bexley safe. The MP’s comments came following a special commendation ceremony where Bexley’s Police Borough Commander, Peter Ayling, highlighted particular acts of bravery, commitment and professionalism by police officers and others.

Helping to make London more dementia friendly

James Brokenshire recently met with dementia experts from the London branch of NHS England today to pledge to help transform London into the world’s first dementia friendly city.

Update: Repair work at Barclays in Bexley

James Brokenshire has contacted Barclays Bank in order to seek urgent clarification on when the bank will reopen for customers, following water damage. Despite initial delays, the bank is now due to reopen on Wednesday 25 June.