Sidcup needs a Post Office Campaign

It is now a year on since the Post Office on Sidcup High Street shut its doors.  Since June 2019 I’ve kept up the pressure to re-open a new branch recognising just how many people rely on having a Post Office in the local area and how important it is to have a branch on the High Street.  Despite interest from a potential new postmaster, sadly the applicant didn’t clear the approvals process just a few months back. The Post Office have now had to re-advertise for someone else to run a new ‘Local Plus’ Post Office.

The situation has been made even more pressing by the news that the ‘Happy Shopper’ in Station Road Sidcup will be withdrawing its Post Office counter services from September. This is a further blow given that the Happy Shopper had been helping to fill the gap after the closure of the High Street branch.  This means people in Sidcup will have to travel even further to access services from a local Post Office.

That’s why I need your help.

We need the Post Office to prioritise work to secure a new location and a new sub-postmaster for a branch in Sidcup.  With all of the other competing pressures linked to the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s important we underline the urgency of seeing a branch re-opened not just for the benefit of the community but also to support Sidcup High Street at this time of recovery.  The Post Office have said they want to re-open a branch in Sidcup – we now need them to make this happen.


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Let’s send a message to the Post Office that a new branch in Sidcup is a priority and they should work with others in our community to help make this happen as soon as possible.

Sidcup needs a Post Office Petition

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We call on the Post Office to take urgent steps to re-open a Post Office in Sidcup High Street as soon as possible following the ’temporary’ closure of the previous branch in June 2019.  To this end, we urge the Post Office to work at pace with all local agencies - including the London Borough of Bexley and the Sidcup Business Improvement District recognising the demand for Post Office counter services in Sidcup, the lack of alternative facilities in the local area and the impact on the vulnerable from this continuing lack of provision.